Please have a read through messages left for us by current and previous families throughout 2020.

  • Li FamilyI am writing to say a big THANK YOU!!! I feel so lucky to have you in N's life and I'm sure he does, too! He hasn't been talking much but he will be pointing at your photos at the kiosk, and he will not stop giggling when watching the videos of him and Krystal. He even knows Maddi's car! I understand your job must be hard, tiring and difficult, but you do it with such a passion and kind heart. I remember once N had to get his nappy changed by Nicholle when I was there to pick him up and he was giggling and laughing the whole time. I myself can't even have this kind of patience especially after a long day. So you guys ROCK! I just want to let you know your hard work has not gone unnoticed. You should feel really proud of yourselves and you deserve all the praises. Thank you!
  • Dhillon Family - A HUGE thank you to Brigitte, Kim and Vanessa for being amazing teachers and looking after H while I'm working. He loves you all and lives for his days at pre-school. Also, thanks to Alyssa for being a pretty awesome Director. Have a great day, ladies!
  • Taghi Bekloo Family - Happy Childhood Educators Day to all of you at Milestone! You are all doing a fabulous job. Enjoy your special day.
  • Kavela Family - I'm in the process of enrolling my baby girl who is 8 months old in your child Care centre. As Childhood Educators, each one of you deserves appreciation and applause. As a first time mother, it is concerning just like other mums about children's safety especially when they are out of sight. But, reading all the positive reviews given by other parents, I'm absolutely happy and satisfied to enrol my child with peace of mind. And I've been in contact with Alyssa for a while in regards to admission, I'm truly impressed on how quickly she responds to all my queries. Keep up the excellent work! 
  • Binion Family - Hi Team Milestone. Wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you for being such positive influences in H and C’s lives. And now more so than ever they are so lucky to get your time and energy as we all navigate through the ‘Covid-19 era’. I know face to face communication is limited these days but thanks also for going to so much effort with the social media platform to keep us all in the loop with their experiences when they’re at Milestone and all the ideas to help with filling the days at home in lockdown. Again many Thanks!

  • Koolen Family - We are so grateful for all of the care, support and guidance that Milestone has offered both our boys over the past 3 years, we are going to miss the staff so much! We just want to thank you for keeping us updated with all the changes as regularly as you can. You have made the process as simple as you possibly could, and there is nothing more we can ask for than that. We sincerely hope that you are keeping well and all your loved ones are well, safe and happy. We hope to cross paths with Milestone again in the future. 

  • Clarke Family - You are all doing an absolutely amazing job and deserve a huge reward.

  • Massey Family - Thanks again to you & your staff for loving on our kids even through these difficult times. 

  • Caton Family - All you ladies are doing a great job and we appreciate everything you do.
  • MacDonald Family - Thank you for all the hard work you have all been putting in. We really appreciate that C has somewhere to go while we are at work where she is cared for so well. It’s nice to have some sense of normalcy for us in this crazy time.
  • Garraway Family - I would like to thank you and your staff for the great work you have all been doing.
  • Lang Family - Thank you to everyone. There is always a smiling face when we arrive even during this uncertain time. Everyone is amazing.
  • Spittle Family - Please pass on my thanks and admiration to the amazing team and educators at Milestone for continuing to show up and be there for our children despite the risk to yourselves. You are all superstars!
  • O'Dea Family - Really hoping everyone there stays healthy through this difficult time. Thanks again for all you and your staff do to love kids and support families.
  • Brown Family - I just wanted to send an email to pass onto every educator that influenced M. Right from nursery, we've felt welcomed and looked after. Thank you to the team at Milestone for the effort put into her to help her grow and develop. Very grateful for our time.
  • Parker Family - Thank you so much to you and your wonderful staff for all they do. It is so apparent that they all have so much love for our kids and our kids love them too. Thank you so much for your tireless work in keeping the day care open and the kids safe.
  • Jones Family - Alyssa & the entire team at Milestone have been doing an amazing job over the last few weeks. Thank you for the ongoing high quality care & love provided to our kids each & every day they are with you all.
  • Schroen Family - I wanted to thank you and your team for your amazing efforts over the past few weeks.
  • Galvin Family - L loves it at Milestone and you guys do an amazing job!
  • Wong Family - Alyssa is a great centre director - prompt reply to every single email from me, there to assist whenever we have any question or concern, I really appreciate that. Love the updates they give out every Friday and as well as the newsletter, it’s all hard work. Thank you to Belinda for cooking yummy lunch everyday. Also we love all the lovely educators there that look after my children. 
  • Flynn Family - Milestone has played a big part in our family, it has become a second home for L. We would like to thank you for the opportunity and to each and every single one of the educators who have helped shape L into the person he is today. Thank you to all of the brave educators, along with Alyssa and Belinda  for continuing to come to work despite how serious this virus is. You all are amazing and thank you for all of the hard work you do.
  • Fang Family - Thank you for taking good care of J and E. They had lots of fun and learned lots of things in the centre.

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