Please have a read through messages left for us by current and previous families. Some of the messages were written on Early Childhood Educators Day in November 2015.

  • Drylie Family (2015)

I was so nervous to choose a place for my little girl. It was her first time in care and I was anxious about the whole process. I found the girls at Milestone through another friend and have never been happier that I listened to her advice! The enviroment is charming and constantly changing in an inviting and educational way. The rooms are always clean and well thought out and I can not sing the praises of the carers highly enough. They have helped my daughter through every level of care and she is always so excited to attend her days there. We use it as a place for her to socialise with other children and the difference is astounding. 2 years almost we have been there and I love it. So does my 3 year old.

  • Ashby Family (2015)

Dear Milestone Educators. It amazes me how you approach each day with a smile and enthusiasm for the children we leave in your care. It’s so reassuring that our children are so well looked after and most of all it's done with genuine care and interest, not only in the child themselves but also our family. We salute each and every one of you. It’s certainly not something that just anybody would be capable of and takes very special people to provide such a great service for families and most importantly an amazing experience for the children. Thank you!

  • Bismark Family (2015)

Jack (4) and Clara (2) started at Milestone at the beginning of 2014. We had moved house and had to leave our previous centre and find one closer to our new home. We had loved our previous centre and spent months looking at centres around the area. We eventually chose Milestone (once we saw it, all the others were out anyway!) and were naturally a little apprehensive starting. We needn't have worried. The kids loved it and we have just been so happy with the care and attention that they have received there. The educators are so dedicated. They are such a great team and it shows in a really happy workplace and happy kids. The communication is fantastic and nothing is too much trouble. The rooms are light and bright. There's plenty of space and the outdoor areas are wonderful (dedicated staff were in on days off doing that!). We are looking forward to the next few years at Milestone and would not dream of being anywhere else. 

  • Vicary Family (2013)

I have found Milestone to be fantastic, and I couldn't recommend them high enough. I first sent my toddler there when she was about 18 months old (she is now 2 1/2) and the girls have been so good with her over the past year. They are patient and understanding, friendly and approachable. Couldn't be happier.

  • Contarino Family (2013)

We are deeply grateful to the amazing team that work at Milestone. Our daughter was adopted by us in 2011. Since attending Milestone, she has received all the care, understanding and consistency by the wonderful people that work in her room and throughout this centre. Thank you, Milestone for the thought, preparation and desire to excel in all areas of your care and working environment. Awesome people.

  • Moloney Family (2015)

Lovely to walk into Milestone and feel welcomed by all the carers with a big smile. Archer loved his time in the toddler room and has settled well into pre-kinder which I put down to this welcoming atmosphere and happy playful environment. I could not be happier myself with Milestone as Archer is my only child and everything is new for me too so thank you xx

  • Gissara Family (2013)

I'm a mother of a two year old and I never thought it possible to have her separate from me due to her sleep issues and other health issues. Milestone was the best thing that happened for her. She settled really well and is now part of the family. I say family as that's how it feels leaving her. I know she's in good hands and part of a stimulating, nurturing environment. I highly recommend these beautiful carers for your child.

  • Gibbs Family (2015)

I sincerely want to say on behalf of Emma, Maddison and myself that we appreciate everything that all the staff do for us and Maddison.  It has been by far one of the best decisions to send Maddison to Milestone Child Care. You all do a wonderful job for all the kids so give yourselves a big pat on the back !!!!  

  • Zammit Family (2013)

My kids have been attending Milestone for 3.5 years now. They absolutely love going there. They have a great kinder program and we love the fact that they get the families involved. All the staff at Milestone take great pride in the care they give to all the kids. Would highly recommend them!!

  • Bedson Family (2013)

After having a bad experience at another centre, the staff at Milestone made me feel so much better about leaving my kids in care. The girls are absolutely amazing with the children and my kids love going there. They are always coming home with something new they have learnt. I would recommend Milestone to any parent looking for care for their children.

  • Port Family (2015)

What a fantastic centre! The level of care and team work really shows within the children and the ever changing program. Thank you all for educating the kiddies in a fun nurturing way. Your hard work and dedication is very much appreciated and I have never felt so comfortable leaving my daughter.  

  • Stewart Family (2013)

I have a 2 year old daughter that started going to Milestone a few months ago...she absolutely loves going and is always very comfortable being there. The staff are amazing; very friendly, attentive to each and every child individually and create a fun and educational atmosphere for the kids. I can't praise them highly enough!!

  • Burton Family (2013)

When my son was diagnosed with a developmental delay I was encouraged by a paediatrician for him to attend a day care. I was very nervous about this but after enrolling him at Milestone I couldn’t have been happier. The care he received over the next three years was outstanding. I have since had my baby enrolled so have had children at some point in all rooms. I have not come across one staff member that is not excellent with children. The programs run are always at an exceptional standard and you won’t find facilities better anywhere else around. Can not praise Milestone enough!

  • Teh Family (2015)

Thank you Milestone ladies for the work that you do. Thank you for being a safe place for our children to be while we are at work. Keep up the good work on being proactive and keeping us up to date with what the little ones get up to. A special shout out to Becky, Bree, Nancy, Kellie and Krystal from the Toddler Room. Lily is a big fan of all of you! Your care and interest in her wellbeing helps very much in putting us at ease. Thank you! 

  • Cochran Family (2015)

The boys have only been at Milestone for a short while now, but the educators have always been welcoming, understanding, helpful and ready for all sorts of hugs and cuddles. They are always available to answer any questions I have. Thank you for helping the boys adjust to a new centre in a new suburb as we settle into our new home.

  • Brennan Family (2015)

You're all so lovely and warming to us. You're all so reassuring and understandable whenever I call to ask about my children and so very happy to tell me about their day.

  • O'Brien Family (2015)

We couldn't be happier that we picked Milestone for Cassie!! You are all so friendly, encouraging and dedicated, and we appreciate all your hard work. The way that you all personalise greetings both to Cassie in the mornings, and parents in the afternoon does not go unnoticed. Thanks for all you do.

  • Vicary Family (2015)

Sending a huge thank you from the Vicary family for all that you do for us. Pia just LOVES coming to Milestone and I know that that is because of the wonderfully friendly, welcoming and loving environment that you guys create for her. Enjoy you special day – you certainly deserve it!

  • Su Family (2015)

When I see my son, who is purely raised in a Chinese speaking family, singing a lovely English song with a funny dance in front of me, I feel not just happy but also excited! He copied the educator's tone to tell me story and said "that is the end of the story" in a very Aussie accent. I would love to give his educators the biggest hug! Thanks all of you! 

  • Reynolds Family (2015)

We are so thankful that Olivia has such fantastic care. She loves all her carers and can't stop talking about all the fun she has at Milestone every week! All the girls are so welcoming and friendly. We couldn't imagine our little girl going anywhere else! Forever grateful.

  • Rajpal Family (2015)

I would like to thank all of your staff in Pre-Kinder room, who look after the kids so well and lovingly. It was RV's first time away from his mum, when he started in May. But his transition from mumma's boy to a friendly child was so smooth. Special mention for Anu and Nadia who are his favourites. And he makes sure to include them both in any of his stories or songs that he sings.

  • Woodhams Family (2015)

Thank you for everything you do for our children! Not just the stuff you're paid to do; teaching them, guiding them, keeping them safe; not just for the unglamourous parts; wiping noses and bums; but for the extra mile that each and every one of you takes to make our kids feel special and makes us parents feel that they are loved and cared for when we're not around,

  • Choudhury Family (2015)

Our daughter has flourished at Milestone – at a time, when we changed cities and relocated multiple times, Milestone served as a stabilising environment where she has built great friendships with many of the fabulous children around and has grown up to an extent where she speaks with a degree of maturity that astounds her parents! We think it comes down to a few things that includes the foundations that Milestone has laid and more importantly, her teachers, who have had the enormous task of serving tirelessly in facilitating age appropriate outcomes. We could not be happier at a time when our little girl will be transitioning from childcare to school very soon! Thank you, fabulous teachers – you are fantastic! 




Louisa Massaro: 

What a fantastic centre! The level of care and team work really shows within the children and the ever changing program. Thank you all for educating the kiddies in a fun nurturing way. Your hard work and dedication is very much appreciated and I have never felt so comfortable leaving my daughter. 

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