Milestone Child Care - Pre School

4 to 6 years

Our 4-5 year old Pre-School room can have 32 children per day, and follows a one educator to 11 children ratio.

We provide a comprehensive 4-year-old kindergarten and school readiness program which runs between 8:30am - 4:30pm daily.  

Kindergarten Program

The program is led by our two kindergarten teachers who both have university degrees in early childhood education. Children must attend a 4 year old funded kindergarten for at least 15 hours per week which can be achieved at Milestone over 2 full days.

This is the final room at Milestone before children leave for school. There are core daily routine times for meals and generally children no longer require a sleep. If they wish to rest, they will always have the opportunity. Each child is observed and planned for to prepare them for school. Our program is interactive and exploratory, incorporating many ‘real life’ play experiences. Our first priority is to instill a love and appreciation for meaningful learning, thus helping children reach their full potential. It is through this child-oriented play based curriculum that children gain a range of important school readiness skills. 

Our kinder teachers help families with the process of moving onto primary school. Formal teacher interviews are available at any time at the family's request, to discuss development in the year prior to school. At the end of the year, children celebrate with a kinder graduation ceremony.