Educational Programs


We follow the Early Years Learning Framework for children from birth to 8 years here at Milestone. Educators have worked together to create a program that encourages freedom of choice, exploration and independence.

Educational programs are devised by room educators, in accordance with the interests of all children. All educators at the centre are involved in providing educational programs to provide multiple perspectives. We offer a variety of experiences and activities for all age groups, depending on each child’s current stage of development. Educators utilise observations formats to gain an understanding of each child’s interests, skills and knowledge. At the end of each program, educators will conduct an evaluation. Family input is encouraged throughout this process.

Government Funded Kindergarten Program

The Kinder and Pre-School rooms both operate a funded Kindergarten Program every day.

  • Children must attend a 3-year-old funded Kindergarten for at least 5 hours per week in the year before 4-year-old Kindergarten, which can be achieved at Milestone by attending at least one day each week.
  • Children must attend a 4-year-old funded Kindergarten for at least 15 hours per week in the year before primary school, which can be achieved at Milestone over 2 full days.

You can read more about our kindergarten programs here: Kindergarten Programs at Milestone

Emergent Curriculum

We implement an emergent curriculum in our kindergarten, in which the program is planned according to the emerging interests and needs of the children. This curriculum allows each child to develop and learn at their own pace, and engage in learning experiences in their own way. It enables us to extend each child’s individual development through open-ended experiences, and encourages children to engage in activities that have come from their own ideas thus empowering them to become confident and independent learners.

Experiences within an emergent curriculum program can be altered regularly to meet the children’s everchanging needs and interests. However, experiences may also stay the same for many weeks to give children an opportunity to master their skills. This flexible approach ensures that children are constantly learning and challenged throughout their time at kinder. They leave kinder well-prepared and ready for the important & exciting transition to school.

The Learning Journey

Photos of the children and educators engaging in experiences are regularly shared with families and displayed around the centre to showcase what the children are currently interested in and what they are learning at the centre.

Learning Through Play

We believe play is how children learn and is necessary for the development of new skills. Through play, children will explore their independence, develop relationships, take risks and strengthen their self-esteem. All age groups follow an indoor/outdoor program where children can choose where they wish to play and explore.

SunSmart Early Childhood Program

Milestone has been recognised as a SunSmart Centre by SunSmart Victoria for the past 21 years. Our current certificate will be valid until November 2022.


Achievement Program

We are enrolled in the Achievement Program which is a whole service approach to creating healthy places for working, learning and living. We've implemented a Wellbeing Team to manage the requirements of this program. Our centre has been recognised in the 4 health priority areas of Safe Environments, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Sun Protection, and Tobacco, Alcohol & Other Drugs. Did you know that we were the first health promoting service to receive recognition in the whole shire of Maroondah?