Milestone Child Care - Pre Kinder

2 to 3 years

Our 2-3 year old Pre-Kinder room can have 24 children per day, and follows a one educator to 4 children ratio. The room provides a range of small and large group activities as well as areas that support co-operative and solitary play. As children build friendships with peers, educators will guide them through appropriate social behaviours and skills. Every child will be able to engage with educators in meaningful, open interactions that support the acquisition of skills for life and learning.

The room allows adequate space and facilities for development, including an easy-to-access bathroom for toileting and plenty of areas for physical activity. There is also a lot of focus on children’s self-help skills, as well as constant support for your child’s language and self expression.

The pre-kinder team plans, documents and evaluates in accordance with each child’s interests to ensure that children will have ample opportunities to learn. Our program is focused on indoor/outdoor play so the children have access to the outdoors at all times for exploration and skill development.