Centre Philosophy

Our centre philosophy has been developed over many years with help from educators, families, children, management and the community. It outlines the principles under which we operate. We welcome any family feedback to help further develop our philosophy.

Play Based Learning Program

At Milestone, we believe that play is a vital component in the development of all children which is why we follow a play based learning program. The implementation of an indoor/outdoor program has given children the freedom to decide where they wish to play regardless of weather. We value outdoor play and think of our indoor and outdoor environments as one whole space rather than separate areas. Through the provision of a wide range of materials, children have the opportunity to explore and extend on their learning and experiences. We believe in letting the children play without interruption from adults and encourage them to take risks and make their own choices.

High Expectations for Children

We pride ourselves on having high expectations on what children can achieve. Every child at Milestone is viewed as a capable and active contributor to their own learning. We allow children to make choices and inspire them to engage in risky play. Children are provided with many opportunities to demonstrate their independence and are encouraged to further extend on their skills throughout their day. We allow the children to regulate their own play while also encouraging them to respect their environment and others.

Inclusive Environment

At Milestone, we respect all cultures and believe in unity in diversity. The centre challenges stereotypes surrounding gender bias, culture, age and ability. We believe that the cultural blend of families in our community has a positive effect on our centre via the opportunity to explore these cultures through experiences and celebrations. Our team is committed to providing an environment that is inclusive for every child and family at the centre.

High Quality Relationships

The development of high quality relationships with children and families is of the utmost importance at our centre. We aim to provide a home-like environment that is warm, friendly and nurturing. Educators work closely with families to foster collaborative relationships that will assist children to achieve quality outcomes. We believe that a working partnership between families and educators is beneficial to the ongoing development of each child. Families are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of the centre’s operations and are invited to participate in all events. Our families have identified communication as being of the highest standard. We endeavour to act on concerns raised by families quickly and efficiently.

Committed Educators

We are proud to provide warm, affectionate, dedicated and compassionate educators who are available to children & families when required. We feel that our team is one big, happy family who are devoted to continuously evolving in the early childhood field. All of our educators work collaboratively to improve practice and relationships through team meetings, reflection and professional development. They are excited and open to change, show a thirst for knowledge, and are proactive in providing children with engaging play spaces. The relationships we foster with our families and the local community is of the highest priority.

Connected to the World 

Our centre is committed to embedding sustainability within our daily practices. We encourage children to be environmentally responsible and engage them in many sustainable practices such as recycling and maintaining edible gardens. We provide play environments, both indoors and out, that allow children to explore a multitude of natural materials. We aspire to build many meaningful relationships within our local community and regularly utilise social media as a more sustainable and effective way of staying connected.