Milestone Child Care - Nursery

6 weeks to 15 months

Our 6 weeks to 15 months old Nursery room can have up to 12 children per day, and follows a one educator to 4 children ratio. Our nursery is designed to reflect the home environment to allow the babies to feel safe and secure while they are growing and exploring. A separate, tranquil sleep room helps accommodate each child’s individual sleep routine. The daily routine is relaxed and progressive and follows each child’s individual preferences and routine times regarding bottles, meals, sleep and play.

The nursery team plan for each individual child on a regular basis through a cycle of observation, implementation and evaluation. This means that the children are engaging in activities of interest and working on areas of need. As a nursery child progresses through the nursery room, we will support their growth in major areas such as walking, talking and other developmental milestones.