Milestone Child Care - Kinder

32 months to 4 years

Our 32 month-4 year old Kinder room can have 32 children per day and now follows a one educator to 11 children ratio. However, with children under the age of 3 also in the group, we are able to provide staffing that meets their ratio requirement of 1:4 on top of the normal 3-year-old staff ratio of 1:11.

Additional educators allow existing room staff more opportunities to meet the individual needs and routines of each child, as well as allow for more one-on-one and small group engagement.

Kindergarten Program

The room operates a funded 3-year-old Kindergarten Program every day. Children must attend a 3-year-old funded Kindergarten for at least 5 hours per week in the year before 4-year-old Kindergarten, which can be achieved at Milestone by attending at least one day each week. You can read more about our kindergarten programs here: Kindergarten Programs at Milestone

There are core daily routine times for meals and sleep, but children still have the opportunity to rest when they are tired. Kinder educators can help families with all stages of toilet training. Even though the children are now in kinder, they are still exposed to all of the benefits of being in the child care centre environment such as catered meals and the opportunity to mix with children of all ages.

Our program focuses on growing self-confidence, self-esteem, skill development and independence. The kinder team provides children with interesting and engaging activities which are designed to enhance understanding and learning in all areas. Outdoors, children have access to sustainable experiences as well as areas to run, explore and engage in quiet, solitary play. Educators provide many small and whole group experiences, both indoors and out, to encourage cooperation and build on social skills such as turn taking and sharing